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Training, coaching, personal growth and consult

The training

Solid-life is an education, training and personal consult based institute.
The goal of our trainings is to make you and your relationships open for new opportunities, innovation, fun, openness and reborn freshness.

Whatever your background is, the training is for everyone.

Personal consult

In a personal consult we support you in gaining insight on specific issues in your life. Depending on the problem you face there is always a suitable solution. It works like working with tools, it works best when the right tool ois presented for one specific issue.


A solid life touches all aspects of life, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Nothing is less important. A change or breakthrough can sometimes not touch the depth of our being if it doesn't involve all these aspects. Our goal is therefor to bring everything together into unity.

Personal development is to discover the truth about yourself.


What to expect

solid life richtingsaanwijzerSolid-Life has a foundation of more than twenty years’ experience in training, consultation, tool development and intensive self-development. We would like to support you in any issue you encounter.
Our techniques support you in a widest area possible from spirituality, to emotional, physical and mental support. From our perspective these areas are all interlink with each other. In some cases it helps a lot if you approached something from all sides, for example to get rid off an old stubborn behavior. All issues have to do with you as a person and your reactions to life. The fears you face, the anxieties, the way you block yourself, a relationship that seems to be on a dead end, etc, etc.
For all of them there is a reason behind it and with it an opportunity to a breakthrough.

The direction indicator.

Perhaps you are aware of it, but on the background there are different energetic cycles running and directing your life. They all start and end independent from each other. Mostly we experience the outcome of these cycles. Each start or finish of a specific cycle gives a lot of movement, changes and therefore can bring fears that reflect you on the point where you are in life. Depending on which cycle has been activated or has ended, you can be confronted with problems matching the characteristic of that cycle. Each problem has its own cause and therefore its own solution method. Our direction indicator aims to offer you the right method that belongs to your specific process. When you have the appropriate technique for the problem, you will also get results. You will feel good, feel liberated and there will be room again for progress.
If you want to know more about our direction indicator, please contact us.


This is a technique that we developed in 2007. This is the most spectacular technique in taking control of life, thoughts, emotions and the way life presents to you. For more information, you can click on the banner.


About Solid-Life

Solid life is an institute that is focused on personal development. A happy person is a person that has a healthy relationship with oneself and others.

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"Can you step out of roles you are playing or do you identify with them?

Once you feel tension with what you are doing, there is a big chance that you identify yourself with a role instead of the person who is playing the role."


We like to work with specialists in other disciplines. The recognition of the knowledge and skills of each experience is the key to cooperation. Together we are complete. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

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